Thankful for…

At this hour, standing in this place, I am thankful for…

  • A family that gives me nothing but love and support – and nothing I would write to an advice columnist about
  • An interesting new thing to do that has me excited in new ways (Nanowrimo)
  • A job I enjoy, doing good work with amazing people
  • An extensive collection of pens
  • Two cats, who are equal parts snuggly and annoying
  • A son who is working hard to learn an instrument I love
  • Another son who is the snuggliest human I’ve ever met
  • A dining room with high ceilings and an amazing finish, that is much warmer
  • The opportunity to review my wonderful year in pictures as I attempt to find one that will work for Christmas cards
  • Green tea
  • That studies show coffee is good for you, not terrible for you
  • The safety and security that surround me, and which I consider normal
  • Living in an ancient town with layer upon layer of stories
  • A vast wealth of friends and friendly faces
  • Social media, which I tremendously enjoy
  • Good books. I look forward to eventually reading some again.
  • That incredibly soft fabric they’ve invented lately – and a stars and crescents bathrobe in that material
  • A full cupboard and ‘fridge
  • Teachers who care so much about my sons
  • Stoneham finally has a great coffee shop!
  • Audiobooks for commuting
  • The Economist that keeps me informed without making my blood pressure spike through the roof.
  • The joyful anticipation of a holiday season, as seen through the eyes of a seven and ten year old.

And most of all … you.