A brief discourse on digital tuners

Between the cornetto and the guitar, I decided I really, really needed a digital tuner. Back when I was a good musician (high school) a digital tuner cost over $100, so I lusted after one but had to borrow the one from high school or tuned to the piano/oboe. ($100 is still plenty of money, but it was even more back then!) These two instruments I’m attempting to learn are hard to tune properly, and I’m playing by myself, and my piano is more than a quarter tone off when it’s been recently tuned. So I decided I was practicing enough to justify spending a hundred bucks on a digital tuner, twenty years after I first wanted one.

That was when I discovered that a digital tuner now costs around $10. 

The future is an amazing place.

By the way, after several long and arduous months, I have finally graduated to my first song on guitar. It is ‘Scarborough Fair’. This is a milestone, my friends! I have hope that in a year or two, I might be able to make it through at tempo, as soon as I learn how to do an “F” chord. (Not in my homework for this week – next week!)