4 thoughts on “My Ballot – Stoneham Town Election: Tuesday April 3, 2018”

  1. Over the past three years I have worked very closely with Jaime in our rolls as PTO Presidents at our children’s elementary schools. Jaime is the PTO President at Robin Hood. Jaime and I have since become very good friends. I can tell you without any hesitation Jaime would be a tremendous asset to our School Committee. Jaime is smart, creative, hard working and dedicated to our students and town. A lifelong Stoneham Resident and a Spartan to her core, she thrives on hardwork and is usually the first to jump in and offer to help. Besides her in depth knowledge of the ins and outs of our school system based on her years of PTO service, going through the Stoneham schools herself, attending school committee and other relevant town meetings– she also works full time at Tufts University where she manages an $18.4 million dollar budget—she has all the skills and tools to be a positive force on our School Committee.
    ~ Nicole Nial, School Committee & South School PTO President


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